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A perfect compliment to Armchaps

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Jeez, when's the inspection? I can't decide between the "Lone Skull" and the "Butterfly."

Decisions, decisions...
Re: GPTB membership drive

Actually, all you need for membership is to have wanted to ring Kpaul's neck at least once and a nomination by one of the GPTB elders.

Although I respect Elder Seruzawa's opinion, it is certainly not a requirement to dislike race reps/sport bikes. (Especially since most members of the GPTB actually ride some sort of sport bike or naked sport).

You definitely have the right kind of resume. I think you were inducted by default.
Re: My bad

Actually, after re-reading Elder Seruzawa's comments, he actually said "anyone who enjoys riding anything other than race reps," not, as I inferred, "anyone who doesn't like riding race reps."

I humbly ask for your forgiveness.
I don't know how I got in

Seems I really don't have the credentials to be in since I don't qualify for several of these requirements. Although, I did get an exemption of the age and cruiser things. Then again, most of the GPTB doesn't fit Kpaul's characterization.

Jeez, I didn't even vote for Kpaul to leave.

I'm a baaaad (but loyal) GPTB member.

(Besides, who's going to run the NY chapter?)
1 - 4 of 137 Posts
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