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A perfect compliment to Armchaps

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I figure I'm going for the Hidalgo Spur so I can give KP a kick in the ass when he gets out of line.

Oh, I forgot he voluntarily left.
It makes those all day college football bowl schedules a breeze!
Wear these and you're in!

These coupled with armchaps and the stirrups make you a life member! You may even become Grand Poobaa!

Leather Legs

you could stick your smokes in 'em!

That would be perfect.
Dave Barry once described Dockers as "the pants for the bigger-butted man."
Re: GPTB membership drive

Interesting too that we "Harley guys" have more sportbikes than Harleys.

But to answer SBP's question-The GPTB is a state of mind-preferably intoxication.
Re: GPTB membership drive

If it's a case of La Fin du Monde or Chimay I'm there!
Re: Good God!!!

One is French Canadian and the other is Belgian and both are 9% alcohol so I'm one drunk-ass metrosexual for sure!
1 - 8 of 137 Posts
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