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Re: You are ahead of your time I think ... Now...

"Yep maybe the dealer was giving me smoke. "

Not a hard thing to accomplish when the dealer saw someone so willing to believe their own bullshyt.

Standards were pretty much the only bikes available in the 60's 70's and even the early 80's, weren't they? The market became more focused for a reason. Looking at the evolution of the GoldWing tells you everything. People in this country don't buy "all-arounders' any more. They want the extreme end of whatever segment they are interested in. That's why the market evolved into fat-tired cruisers, stupid fast sportbikes, and large-barge tourers. Very few want the middle ground. Standards stopped selling for that reason, and I'm sure they never will sell in big numbers again here. Motorcycling has been down that road, only you weren't old enough, and certainly not smart enough, to realize it.
1 - 2 of 71 Posts
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