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A Quickie From Harley

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Holy crap!first!!!
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Embargo? What embargo?

We dont' need no stinking embargo!
You don't get a whole lot of mail from Mensa, do you?
Ok it's working now.

All big twins 96 cubes and 6 speed trannies.

I'm kinda bummed they didn't redesign the chassis on the touring line like they did with the Dynas.

The Night Rod Special ( I can't believe I just wrote that) loooks pretty badass too.
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You're mostly right however there are times on the open road that I'd like an extra cog on the geezer glide.

ABS would have been more welcomed though.
Well don't forget, H-D is a member of the ECOC and fools people into spending money on its products. Either that or they steal it when you're not looking.

Don't fall for that 2008 Sportster crap. They will be rendered obsolete by the 2015 Sportster!
1 - 5 of 48 Posts
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