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A Quickie From Harley

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Holy crap!first!!!
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More to the point, will the frames break and will we then try to cover it up?

You are exactly right. Four gears is plenty for a Harley. Two low gears and two high gears, it's an old formula and it works. A six speed Harley just sounds to me like 50% too much shifting.

Well don't forget, H-D is a member of the ECOC and fools people into spending money on its products. Either that or they steal it when you're not looking.

Don't fall for that 2008 Sportster crap. They will be rendered obsolete by the 2015 Sportster!
I wouldn't know about 'bytching', as you put it, about Japanese motorcycles, since I haven't owned one for over twenty years. Did H-D make special editions of the Pan in the year before the shovel debuted, or special Shovels in the year before the Evo? I don't think they did. But the recent business of pushing the special 100th Sportster and then replacing it with a new motor the following year left a bad taste in the mouth of many Sportster owners, and they lost money at trade-in time.

But in spite of all that, you're very wrong to label me as a riceburner. What do you think the 'xl' in 'xlr8r' stands for? Yup, a Sportster - and not a 100th-anniversary one, either. I've had it for longer than any other bike I've owned, and I can't see me selling it any time soon. It's a solid piece of kit - I just wish the Motor Company's marketing ploys had the same sort of integrity.
those 03 buyers should've kept their bikes instead of trading them in.
Wasn't nothin 'special' about a 100th Sporty cept a badge. Time marches on dude, even for Harley. Keep the Sporty as the last of that breed. It will be a collectors item in 20 years, if you can keep it that long.
41 - 48 of 48 Posts
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