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A Serious BMW Experience.

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I've already register and first post, you all are destined to lose, so don't bother I have all but won already!
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My local BMW dealer went out of business, and the closest one is now two hours away. I have to go to the dealer to finalize my entry. That sucks!
I took the registration to my closest dealer, Honda/BMW/Suzuki/Kawasaki/Sea-Doo of Hollywood, and the salesmen there had no idea that the contest even existed. How serious is that?
They forgot to mention the most important part of any BMW event.... septagenarian clog dancers.
I registered this last weekend, but have yet to go by my local dealer to validate it.

I really WANT to own a BMW - but I just don't have the cash for the models that attract me (seems to be that way with women, too).

But, I still keep up a good rapport with my local BMW dealer - easy to do when they're such a great bunch of moto-heads (like myself!).
Same here. No local St. Louis (pop. 2.8 million)dealer -- nearest one is 120 miles away in Cape Girardeau, (pop. 35k, home of Rush Limbaugh - ugh). Go figure.
"...three engine platforms...."

Well this kind of pisses me off. I guess the 800 parallel twins aren't coming after all.
If you convert the price in euros to dollar those 800s come to about $13K.

They can keep them over there.
I doubt they'll be 13K. Oddball price variance between us and the Euroweenies is normal. I read about every other issue of "Bike" and some of the prices our poor brethern pay - no wonder our standard of living is better. No extra supra national level of political thieves to support.

Betcha they come in at about $9K or so. Maybe 10K to position between the "still here for now" 650 and the new gen nekkid R12r.

Hey, BigJames - don't count on it jes yet. My entry will be finalized by Jon (Yon) D. later today! Since I've been handing him green paper rectangles since the old "Nuts and Bolts" days, I figger some good ole home cookin beats early entry any day.
Forgot about the VAT...d'oh!

The interesting thing is that the only other 800 currently available, the VFR, is atrociously over priced and so Beemer can enagage in their usual stick-it-to-the-public pricing and still appear as a bargain.
+1. 82 miles away, in Tallahassee

If they could price the F800S under $10K I would very much consider the bike. But at $13K and even at $11K they will have lost my interest. Irrelevant I guess if they never come here.
Easy there Big Fella The Viffer is a Highly Tuned Machine With some over the top techie type stuff and honda has a right to charge for all those dodads that make the v-four run so sweetly. Actually the new bikes seem to be high but if you shop around a bit or get a year old model its not that bad. I bought an 02 model in 04 with 4500 miles and only paid 5500 bucks for it and it was mint ( Not so much now but its the scars that make her so attractive). I think All bike makers try to take you to the cleaners on new models ahh capitalism
BMW is only a few percent of the overall market, and their dealer base is shrinking. The insisted for a while on single line BMW only stores, and a lot of those have gone out of business. I would love to own a GS, but would be concerned about my only support being 2 hrs away.
Seems to me BMW has to do something to get customers into their stores. A few years ago they started to push their dealers to go single line, and a lot of those dealers have been struggling. As I stated earlier, the dealer in my town is out of business. There was another single line dealer about an hour and a half away that closed down about two years ago. When I asked a BMW M/C employee about this, he said they have had a large number of dealers go out of business.

They make a very nice bike, and I love the GS, but truth be told, for what you get, a lot of the competition is just as nice and less expensive. I know quite a few guys who ride BMW bikes, and most of them own them because they wanted to own a BMW, not because they feel BMW stands for cutting edge technology that cannot be found elsewhere. When I looked at bikes last year, it seemed as if the prices were still relatively high, and some of the standard options were now expensive add ons. I might be wrong, but BMW needs to do a lot more to win over new riders.
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