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I doubt they'll be 13K. Oddball price variance between us and the Euroweenies is normal. I read about every other issue of "Bike" and some of the prices our poor brethern pay - no wonder our standard of living is better. No extra supra national level of political thieves to support.

Betcha they come in at about $9K or so. Maybe 10K to position between the "still here for now" 650 and the new gen nekkid R12r.

Hey, BigJames - don't count on it jes yet. My entry will be finalized by Jon (Yon) D. later today! Since I've been handing him green paper rectangles since the old "Nuts and Bolts" days, I figger some good ole home cookin beats early entry any day.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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