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Valve adjustments and thoughts...

Triumph has extended valve check/adjust intervals to 12k miles (see for the 600 four including the Speed 4. Much better than a ducati's 6000, but still not up to Japbike standards.

I bought a Speed 4 this year when I replaced my departed Monster 750. I have been waiting for a 749-engined monster for awhile, preferring the smaller bikes to the litre class, but I'm still waiting... In the meantime, I rode a Monster S2R back to back with the Speed Four and much preferred the Triumph. The S4 is a neat little bike--it sounds good and rides very well in the real world. Kick in the fact it's cheap as dirt to buy and insure, and it's a real all-around winner. I'm surprised more people don't ride these things.

I haven't decided to ditch the clipons yet, though, I kinda like them...

I'd still sell it for a 749-engined Monster, though... Or maybe the rumoured upcoming 680 triple?? MMMN The S4 is plenty fun to putter around on in the meantime, though!
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