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A ZX14 Scratched My Sport Tourer Itch, But...

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Akrapovic makes a twin high mount carbon can that looks awesome. You can see pics at I think, but I've had problems with their service before. Then get the rear rack at and mount the hard case of your choice from Givi, Hepco & Becker, or Krauser.

Thread over.

--The Fox
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My ZX14 had the Brock's Ti full system. Loved it. If you don't want to go the full system/performance route, I'd go w/the Akra slip-ons, or the TBR (Two Brother's Racing). The TBR usually has a great sound and look.

There's all kinds of stuff you can do to the bike (Simple stuff.) to improve power, especially down low. Great bike!
Hey, are you the guy that runs the owner's group? Do you own a shop?

--The Fox
Ok I really jealous kcharlie !
I vote for the M10 myself. Best looking but, it would probably be a little loud for what you are looking for.

Not me. I just had one we did a lot of tinkering w/when they first came out.

Good luck.
Fishtails or some cherry-bomb glass packs. Worked great on my Hydra Glide. Brappa!
Thanks, great suggestion. Will the chrome fishtails blue tho'?
Only if you start the bike...
Rainbow-anodized Titanium Reverse-Megaphone.

Four of them.

With the Baffles punched-through.
I was thinkin' that that butt monkey powder should cure the sport touring "itch".

But I do like the Ti-RC-RB-Anode combo. Very kookalogical!
Ventura Luggage makes GREAT semi-soft luggage for sportbikes.

Not especially expensive. Hard shell bags make for more weight, whilst a good raincover will cure your woes in that dep't. Some slight raising of the center of gravity (negligible on that bike) is more than compensated for by preserving every ounce of cornering clearance.

Good Luck. And doesn't Staintune have something for your big Zed by now?
Reading comprehension was not your best subject in school I'm guessing.
Can't say I have heard Two Brothers and quiet in the same sentence says the deaf 2 Bros customer.
Ugliest new bike on the planet IMHO... but I'm sure I'd get over that after riding one.
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