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ABC News reports on motorcycles

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Great photo caption

I like the caption under the photo of the Goldwing riders: The average new Harley-Davidson motorcycle buyer is 45 years old and earns nearly $80,000.
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Re: Oh, I don't know...

I 've got three teenage daughters and I've been watching mtv off and on since it started, most of the movies that appeal to my presumably typical teens such as romeo must die, or gone in 60 seconds, or fast and furious show sport bikes not harley's, the DMX video called ruff ryders roll shows a black sport bike club, also bush's machine head video that totaly rocks, shows a chick with dreds on a triumph blasting around london, in fact I only recall harley's in a stray cats video and one or two i can't name, as for hair bands most of them stunk, the best music out of the 80's was punk/techno/new wave art/thrash noise what ever you want to call it , though metallica, scorpions and guns an roses bust out pretty good, any way IMHO harleys don't seem to have a lot of appeal amongst the young 'uns up here around tacoma.
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I don't know buddy, your right smack in the ol' target demographic there, if you notice yourself not shaving or putting your hair in a 2inch pony tail you might want to lock'n'load, I'm only saying this ;cause I'm pretty damn close to your age myself, I had a nightmare about big ass conchos on my bandit seat! and streamers! and white wall tires! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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