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Abe Fastest in Final Day of Suzuka Testing

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Blah Blah Blah. Lap times during test session don't mean much. I can't wait to see some official qualifying times and of course the race.
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Two things:

Why do the 500 times skip from 10 to 13? Was this pulled from a Honda press release?

Katoh, on a 250, is running better times than Criville and over 3 seconds faster than 3rd place in his class . . . Yikes!

I thought they meant Abe Froman!

I was all ready to go buy me some extra-spicy Kielbasa for my next race.
Criville was finished up last year. He has been anything but competative since Mick officially retired.
Re: I thought they meant Abe Froman!

Isn't that a Japanese spice? Kinda like the Japanese version of Tobasco sauce? At any rate you might still need some. Abe is usually really fast at his home track. Now with Haga in the mix as well look for the Japanese to dominate their home terriorty.

I may be wrong but I beleive Abe got his first GP win a Suzuka against Mick of all people. Back when he rode for Kenny Sr.
Re: I thought they meant Abe Froman!

No, you're thinking of Wasabe. :)
Re: I thought they meant Abe Froman!

So what's that stuff your talking about?
Thank you, thank you.....

I'd like to thank my family, my team, my sponsors, everybody involved with the whole effort... We've all been working really hard and it's such a joy to see it pay off... The Yamaha has been running great, and it's a tribute to the superior engineering that went into it...
No, you're right----

I am quite fast at my home track. Incidentally, that win against Doohan wasn't very hard, either.
Criville is nothing without Mick out there to pace him. He was never a leader, he would run the same

times as mick and then once he got past him lap times got consistantly slower. The other thing was where do you think Alex and Taddy got there bike setup info from?? That REALLY use to piss Mick off. Funny how neither one of them did well the year after Mick left ;)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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