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Add two more wheels and you will have.......

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I am really curious how this works.
I'm nonplussed. You mean Honda can't make a system that grabs as you hurtle forward and gently sets you on the ground at the side of the road out of harm's way?
Any bets?

Well, longride, how long do you think before this becomes a safety mandate on all new bikes?
Soichiro spinning at 17,800 rpm... somebody tell me if there's anything interesting for 2006, i'm not seeing much. New V5 VFR is where?
Re: Any bets?

Give it a year.
Wait...doesn't an airbag deploy so fast that it's actually more dangerous if you're not wearing a seatbelt or something? Does the wing have seatbelts?? o_O
Does that mean I can strap my mother-in-law to the handlebars now?
Heck, why don't they just go ahead and make an ejection seat. Wouldn't that be a b"#@& when you had a small collinsion inside a tunnel? LOL!
I'm confused. Which sign of the apocalypse is this?
Come on now

That new pearly paint job makes the VFR easily worth the 11 grand they're charging for it.
I want a personal airbag (insert wife joke)

I want Roadcrafter to come up with a whole-body suit that inflates on impact and sends you rolling a bouncing down the road like a sumo wrestler with a helmet.
Re: Any bets?

I don't know about you guys but I think it's a GREAT idea. Nothing like being thrown onto the handle to upset your routine. All they need now is a 4-point harness to keep you attached to the car...I mean Goldwing so the air bag can do it's job.

Safety First boys.......
I'm surprised there isn't a whole story on the new 2006 Honda lineup... but then this is the most boring lineup of any I've seen released so far.

So they redesigned 1 bike, the CBR1000RR, and other then the plastic on the side cowls I can't see any changes at all.

Then they add Sat Nav and Airbags to the Goldwing... how much crap has to go into the Wing before even wing owners start electing to get a Miata or S2000 instead? The cars are clearly more practical, almost as sporty, and don't cost much more at these prices!

The VFR cult is totally ticked today. Everyone expected a redesign of the bike, following the 4 year tradition that has gone on for like 16+ years now. Instead we get a bike that has the issues fixed that should have been fixed way back in 2002. If Honda made sure the 2006 ECU won't fit on the 2002-2005 bikes I bet a lot of loyal fans will ditch the bikes and say good riddance.

So many owners of 2002+ VFRs have complained about fuel injection issues. (I have had two, both had the problem, my latest one is kind of fixed with aftermarket crap) From reading the articles here on MO the VFR issues sound exactly the same as what everyone caned BMW for on the new K1200S. How come none of the magazines never mentioned anything about the sh*tty VFR fuel injection? I am really curious here MO because you've tested the bike twice, once in 2002 and again in 2004 for the VFR & Concours article. The issues mostly show up in traffic and in the city, did you not really ride the bike much in the city? (The issues get a lot better out on the open road and in cooler weather IME)

Oh well, looks like a very boring lineup for Honda, can't wait to get the stupid Red Rider magazine that pretends this stuff is exciting. I see a Triumph or maybe a Buell in my future if/when it becomes economically smart to ditch my VFR.
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Re: I want a personal airbag (insert wife joke)

This is what you've been looking for:

At Americade a couple of years ago they were selling something similar (I think it was called the Egg Parka, IIRC) and had a video of a guy crashing a Sportster to demonstrate how it worked.
Re: I want a personal airbag (insert wife joke)

Cool. I would forget to disconnect the leash.
Supposedly (I haven't received my issue yet) the latest MCN has rated the VFR as the No. 1 Sport-Tourer over the ST3, the R1200S and the Sprint ST. And they finished in that order.

If what bboul says about the Viffer is true, MCN's rating means the Sprint really sucks!

What the heck did I ride the other day...? I thought it was a Sprint, and it certainly didn't suck...
Nah, one will be a windbag, or maybe just an old bag.
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