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Honda has been working on this airbag system forever. I guess they finally got it to help, not hurt. Personally, I'd have way more fun in an S2000 than the "Pig with Wings."

Boring lineup? Yeah. Everyone expected a facelift on the 1000rr, but the one major complaint/issue about that bike-- its weight-- was addressed as follows on their site:

dry weight: TBD.

How has this yet to be determined?! If that bike didn't lose at least 25lbs, it isn't going to offer much for 06.

The VFR is very ugly sore on Honda's reliable reputation, IMO. I'm guessing that because journo's aren't *****ing the way owners are-- and because there isn't a lot of competition on the same page as the VFR in many other respects-- Honda isn't eager to put more money into significant changes.

I've always been a Honda fan. So, to say I would consider a Kawi over a Honda both surprises me and disapoints me.

1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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