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Adding ABS?

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Would it be possible to take the ABS system from the Bandit 1250, and add it to a non ABS bike?
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I've been riding a Bandit 1250 with ABS since May and like it a lot. I was worried that the system would have too low a firing level, but I've found that the ABS kicks in at pretty much the same moment I'd be sliding. I tried to lock the wheels on both dry and wet pavement and couldn't lock either whether braking in tandem or individually. I feel a fairly mild pulse through the pedal and brake lever but that's about it. I've found that I can maneuver the bike about as well as I can during other heavy breaking, allowing for the slightly odd feel of the system and the fact that it's a little wooden. This is certainly more than would have been available without ABS. In answer to the question "is it any good?', I'd have to say yes, it works pretty well and is quite non-intrusive (I might be more critical of the firing threshold if I were a high end racer or moto-journalist). There is certainly room for improvement in the feel department, and the pulsing, though not excessive, could always be better. While the system might be kind of rough by some standards, it is dramatically better than no ABS, at least for me. Whether you could transfer the system to another bike is beyond me, but I can see why a bike with ABS is highly desireable in the real world, and why you would want to. Suzuki's pricing on this is weird: $500 more for a Bandit with ABS and $1000 for the system on an SV650. I suspect that ABS is going to become much more widely available in the future, as traction control in all its forms is crutial.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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