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Additional Paddock Passes Available for U.S. GP.

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Cool. I'm in. First fcuking post? I hope so.
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Cool, I was just telling my...

Cool, I was just telling my Navy SEAL friend back from Iraq how there was no way he could get a paddock pass this late in the game.

Looks like he will make it in the paddock now.
Re: Cool, I was just telling my...

Couldn't he just infiltrate past the Paddock Guards, "silencing" anyone that happens to spot him doing so?
Re: Cool, I was just telling my...

I think the SEALS are screwed now as far as Laguna Seca is concerned.... I heard they filled the lake in to make more room for vendors
Figured I'd save space and bring an old thread back. 4 years later, Ducati is offering weekend passes to the American GPs in 2010 (Indianapolis and Laguna Seca).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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