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desertbilly wrote:
a fair number of us are doing what these bikes were designed for on KLR650's.
I think that the KLR gets listed as a dual sport instead of an adventure tourer, though I've read stories about people doing pretty long treks on them. There are lots of accessories for them, including some decent luggage options.

It seems an adventure tourer is a larger bike that's meant to let riders tackle any road that comes their way, like five hundred mile of slab with fifty miles of gravel and a hundred miles of twisties, for days on end. A KLR650 can do all that, sure, and take you deeper into the woods to boot, but I don't know if I'd want to cross the country on one.

While the article gave good feel for the bikes, they left out some rather important numbers, like mileage, fuel capacity, seat height, weight, ground clearance, maximum load, and alternator output (so you can add lots of lights and still use a heated vest). Seat hight's an interesting one-I test rode an R1150GS once, and even with the seat in the lower position, with my 30 inch inseam I could barely get more than a tiptoe on the ground at stop lights.
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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