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Oh, I really don't think I'm too old. Really, it's more to do with the time that has elapsed since my last bike. I've ridden a few. Rode my friend's loaded ElectraGlide and liked it but, it was just too mammoth for me. Trying to turn it around in the driveway was nerve racking!

See, my back is not in the best shape (degenerative disc disease) so, I'll not be doing any whoops or berms. But, I do love the idea of the Versys. If it were a bit bigger I'd like it. But, I do want something along the lines of the Adventure. I like the idea of adding luggage, and the overall less-bulkiness compared to the GS1200. Then again, I have grown fond of the Yamaha cruisers too (dealer nearby). I don't know, I'm going to get something for sure. Appreciate all the advice here.
Bigger? It was said earlier, don't sell current 650's short. Unless of course you're some type of behemoth.
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