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Advice needed for "mid-life" bike

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OK, I am not going through some mid-life thing, I rode in my early teens until I was 22. I rode a lot of dirt and then rode a Suzuki GT550 for 2 years. I put some 20,000 miles on that bike (which I loved back then).

But, I've always had the jones for a bike. Every spring. You know the feeling.

I have read and looked at a LOT of bikes. Oh man, I love them all but, change my mind every day about which one to get!

I LOVE the KTM Adventure 990 but, wonder about if I can really enjoy this at the age of 52 now.

I love Harley's too. I never wanted to be in the "club" of them but, the new FatBob is very nice.

I also love the Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe. I sat on one and was very impressed with how much bike you get. I sat in a BMW GS 1200 but, man, that's a big bike. I love the Buell Ulysses too.

I live in Maine. The roads are less than ideal. I want something that handles them (hence the Adventure thing) but, I want to be able to take my wife out for a ride too.I feel that the new Kawasaki Versys is nice but, I'd want something a bit faster after awhile. The Suzuki V-Strom 650 impresses me too but....

Hey, any advice appreciated. I know there are sooooo many bikes and I love them all. I love the Moto Guzzi Norge, the Yamaha Raider is VERY nice looking as well. I am very much in love with the British Twins. If they made a (as rumors swirl about it) bigger sized twin I'd be all over it. Love the Triumphs. But, really, you can get the underpowered Bonny's or the brutish Rockets. Wish there was a nice 1200 or so twin! Confused yet? So am I. Help me!!
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Those "underpowered" Brittish twins are more fun than a pillow case full of puppies, a Trebuche`, a large piece of plywood and a gallon of paint, a 2 in. horse hide brush, a "bullseye" stencil, a keg of decent Amber Ale, a few gallons of gasoline and a book of matches!!!!!

To be honest I think your best bet would be the 650 WeeStrom...650's today are much more powerful then they were a few years ago. I think you'll be surprised.

The next bike I get will be along the lines of a Vstrom or Ulysses
That's ridiculous. Everyone knows that the perfect motorcycle for this man is a gently used Kawasaki Concours 1000. I'm thinking silver, pehaps with some nice accessories like a fork brace, Rifle fairing, and Corbin seat with backrest. If he could find a bike with around 30,000 miles for under $1,300, say, I dunno, $1,200, he'd be all set. He'd get the power he needs to make it fun, the comfortable and low seat, lots of storage in the quick detaching saddlebags, and plenty of protection from that cold Northern weather with the Connie's generous full fairing. If only there were such a bike for him...if only...

Gosh Darn It Ken, I think you're on to something here!!!!!!!

Now if I remember correctly there was anice Gentleman in Florida or somewhere with a bike that just might fit the bill here..........................
Mean? US? psshaww...

we're just tryin' to hep' a brother out.....
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