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A top bag WILL affect the handling of your bike and its sensitivity to side wind. And it will not be an improvement. Since you are in the NY area and relatively inexperienced, don't worry about lane splitting and don't even think about it if there's not enough room for a bike and side bags.

Go for hard sidebags. They are tougher, easy to use, more waterproof and safer. They will protect your stuff if (when?) you drop your bike. If you go shopping, you will want to leave your helmet on the bike, locked and out of the rain, so make sure your bags can hold a helmet.

Givi is a little expensive, but their quality is pretty high. You may want to check Nonfango too, they are a bit less money and pretty good too, I've heard.

Finally, I think I have heard a rumor that Suzuki is planning to have hard bags for the SV's. If you can wait a bit, you may want to check with your dealer.

Have fun.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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