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I followed the article cited above for changing my Speed 4 rear tire and it worked as advertised. I used a 12" C-clamp to break the bead, but it's slow and a lot of work. You have to be careful the C-clamp doesn't slip down the tire and ding the rim.

Once loose the tire came off the rim pretty easily with a little soap and water and two long tire irons.

I haven't gotten to the front, because I refuse to spring for a bike lift and had to build a gallows to hoist the front of the bike up by it's neck. It's taken another week to find a 17mm hex wrench to fit the Triumph axle (everyone else uses 19mm or larger). I'd called every bike shop and tool supply place in town and waisted an hour on the useless internet. I found sources for them, but they were expensive and I wanted one now! It turns out the closest car parts store had one in the form of a Volkswagon 3/8" drive, 17mm hex drain plug wrench - $4. Small successes, make it worth forging ahead.

Anyway, the hardest part is getting the tire off the ground - even trickier if you need to remove the fork to replace the seal - you really need a hoist for that.

The next difficult part was seating the tire. I used the local gas station and pumped in 80psi with a little soapy water. Keep your fingers clear!!

I rebuilt the top end of my Harley, replaced a cam, a lifter, installed new pushrods, and pistons, waited 2-weeks for head rebuild and cylinder bore and ran the engine in, in less time than I've spent so far, replacing tires on that Triumph.

Modern bikes are great, but you don't really own them. They are sort of leased from the dealer, repair shops and parts manufacturers until nobody wants it anymore, which seems to be just a few years.
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