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Aerostitch Fleece Pants

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I don't like wearing jeans under my riding pants, they bunch up and it's just not comfortable for me. I'm fortunate that I can keep a pair of jeans at work and change when I get here, or in the summer just wear shorts under my pants. That leaves the winter... Riding in my boxers and riding pants gets dam* cold and sweating my but off all day in longjohns is no fun either.

The answer of course is Aerostitch's TL Tec Fleece Pants ! I ordered a pair the other day and have been wearing them for a week or so and feel confident saying they work durn well! there's three options to choose from ranging in price from $77 for the "cool" weather version I got to the "cold" version for $87 to the "Gad Dam*, you riding in this sh*T???" version for $97. Unfortunatly the catalog doesn't explain this, the only way to differentiate the three is color and price, but it's fairly obvious.

The pants will of course work with any riding pants, probably jeans too if they're baggy and as with all Aerostitch products are sized right for us 'Muricans, meaning XXL fits me, not some 190lb Asian. They have a full length zip down each side and a hook and loop + zipper in the front, as well as a wallet pocket in the back. I wear them over my boxers as pants, the bottom is elastic and is meant to be worn over boots, then with you riding pants over them.

They're nice and soft and stretchy and warm as toast in the upper 30*s and low 40*s I've worn them in so far and are basically invisible in that you don't really know you're wearing them, your legs just aren't cold. Workmanship appears to be top notch and they're made right here in the USA and guarenteed by Aerostitch

In combination with the fleece jacket liner, also available in three temp. ranges they so far have kept me warm, dry and comfy in temps ranging from low 30*s to mid 50*s and drizzle to downpour, Highly recommended if you want to be warm this winter.

I feel like I'm becoming a shill for these guys but honestly all their stuff I've tried has been the best fitting and most usefull gear I've owned, well worth the money.
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Whoo Potassium Citrate 1080s... Tempting...

Do they give you superpowers (any more than the usual, of course)?

I don't want to rush into a trade for my rancid fish oil tablets that I would eventually regret. Not to be coy, but there could be a better offer any second now. OK, I am being coy.

I am leaning towards your offer. I have my doubts about the soundness of my alternate plan of forcing 100+ tablets of fish oil down an enraged cat's throat.

As for bagels, well, I would rather have pie for breakfast.
I'll even throw-in the Balling Gun the Doc gave me, to make the pills "go down" easier............

Plastic Calf Balling Gun - Syringes & Balling Guns
I haven't seen one of those bailing guns in a long time. My great-great-grandfather was a large animal man. It is hard to say that without laughing. It is easier to spell than veterinarian, at least.

The tools used in that trade are impressive indeed.

Sorry to hear about your cat, Browning Bar.
Good luck on the fish oil caps, I was ordered to take them and had a good heart to heart with myself. Early death, nasty rancid fish burps, early death, rancid fish burps. I choose early death. Though I have heard from those who dont have a problem with them, to take them before bed.
I can't complain, coming from some of the worst inner city slums on earth, growing up in 3 different countries and being a 10th grade drop out to a decent house in the 'burbs and a legal 6 figure income is pretty good. I think the smartest thing I did was joining the Navy, I sweated blood for 4 years, ran coal, cleaned boilers and worked 18 years worth of nights and weekends to now where work 8 hour days, have most weekends off and sit back and cruise most of the time. Couple of bikes in the garage, a good running 5 year old Explorer and my dads 18 year old Range Rover in the driveway, two healthy kids and a good relationship with my ex-step kids, a girlf friend who thinks the sun shines out of my backside..... I really don't have anything to cry about.
Who's complaining? I just went through all that success shyt 'cause I know that idiot boy surfs the site and I could tell that his head exploded about halfway through. He must have destroyed a dozen keyboards by now.
I've got some....

Not sure if the cat will eat them. But at this point I'm happy my cat is eating anything. She got lead poisoning from the renovations we are doing and it has been two weeks of vet visits, poison control, IV fluids, vomiting, and ugly Vet bills.
... inexpensive lead "cures" for your cat. Only cost you about a nickel. Save you a lot of veterinarian bills.
He could ship the "leaded" cat to China.

I'd also have to fill her up with some date rape drugs to mimic the Chinese toys. To top it off I'll include a manual written in broken Chinese.
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