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Not since the Edwards-Bayliss battle in WSB have I witnessed such a good race! Incredible! So many factors made this race beyond intriguing. The race itself was amazing, I was actually thinking that once Rossi's tires started to go off Biaggi would get by him. I was thinking that while they battled, Gibernau could conserve his tires and get them both in the end. I have newfound respect for Biaggi. Though he came in second, he showed how good he actually is. Rossi blew me away. At about mid way through the race I really thought he was going to start going backwards. Amazing to watch both these guys.

I bet Honda is royally ticked off along with the Butcher and his Honda mag. It's too bad Edwards couldn't have done the same thing on the Aprilia.

Top speed on this track was about 160mph, it'll be interesting to see if the faster tracks will make a difference for the Yamaha. It seemed like the RCV was getting better drive off the corner before the straight, so maybe a longer straight at another track would give the Honda the advantage.

I really feel bad for Bayliss, I wish he was in a more competitive position. I rate him higher than Edwards or Hayden, plus I'd like to see Ducati up front.

By the way, the second WSB race yesterday was great. Perhaps it will be worth watching this year. What was the guy's name up front for most of the laps, Laconi? I could be wrong but it was fun watching him slide that Ducati all over the place.

Oh yeah, I wonder how Edwards took getting beat by Hayden?
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