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That's a hard call. I've had near misses that replay in my mind 15 years after the fact. If you love it enough get back on and see how it feels. Your gut will tell you what to do, even if it takes a year or two or three, etc. Fate may have had as much to do with your accident as anything else. Some people ride 30 years with nothing overly serious happening to them. Some people die three hours after getting the bike. The good thing I read in your after thoughts is you did (what we called in the Army) an After Action Review. What could I have done better? What was the situation and what caused it? Maybe you are that much smarter now and could chalk this up to experience and good fortune. Bottom line is only you will know if it is worth it get back on a motorcycle and when to do so.

I would like to know, what kind of gear you had on? If you walked away from this I am assuming some decent gear intended for motorcycle riding.
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