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I have dislocated my shoulder several times now. Once it has gone out the first time, it gets weaker. In fact, every time it comes out, it gets weaker.

I am now embarking on a program of rehabilitation for my shoulder having had the situation explained to me by one of my taiji teachers and my brother in law, who is training as a physiotherapist.

You should try to see a physiotherapist and work out a program to protect the shoulder as much as possible with stronger muscles.

One problem is that when it is still painful you mustn't do too much training but when it doesn't hurt any more you lose the motivation to do the training. But that's exactly the time you should really start working with your shoulder. I wish I had known more about this earlier, as I think I could have prevented some of the dislocations I have had.

Good luck and remember that your health is more important than your bike riding.

But riding a bike is a lot of fun!

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