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AGVSPORT Products Featured in 2 Wheel Tuner Magazine!

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AGVSPORT products have been featured in 2WheelTuner magazine! Several AGVSPORT gloves received excellent reviews in the Glove Buyer's Guide found in June 2009 issue. Both the AGVSPORT Sierra and GSX-R Sport gloves received strong marks in comfort, style, and protection, while the AGVSPORT Tornado gloves were specifically chosen as a "recommended" product for buyers.

For more information regarding AGV Sports Group, products, and retailers, contact us at 301-663-4550 or [email protected].
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Glad you've joined in but why is it that this would make the General thread and not Vendor? Marketing 101. MOrons actually look at the vendor stuff on this site. No, really.
Wanna review- send some gear to Duke to test and then you can get your products in the General or Product review areas, too.
If you need a great marketeer then feel free to call. I graduated in the top 1 % of Klazy Ken Seminar closers. If you'd like more info in Klazy Ken's Seminars I believe he'll chime in before we move you thread.
The best place to send stuff for reviews is webBikeWorld
Digital Magazine

I also think that AllAboutbikes and their digital edition would be interested in covering AGV too.

check out | Motorcycle News Resources | Industry, Manufacturers, Sport, Everyday, Track, Community

It's a neat tool for the motorcycle trade to use as a sounding board.
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