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and not one of you has the balls to list who you are or an email address.

By the way, nothing is all that slow when it burns nitro-methane, they sound better than the screech of a four-cylinder trying to keep itself from blowing itself all over the drag strip, their motors at least resemble a production motor and they get folks who would not generally consider motorcylcing into the sport. Go watch them race, then call them slow. Bring your hearing protection, leave the attitude elsewhere, EVERYONE else does.

What have you squids done favorably for the sport lately? Can't count Toy Runs, Love Rides or most other charitable rides - that "bunch of beer gutted "super slow sled" riding guys with blinders on" started almost all of that. Makes me proud, and I wave to squids no matter what I am riding.

One more thing, folks who own K1200LTs can afford any damn motorcycle they want. As for me, I have a K1200LT Custom (11K miles in 4 months, as in my slow cold weather months), and 2 Harleys (one a 1951 3 wheeler that was probably used to give your grandparents parking tickets and an Electra Glide with 164,000 miles on it, I'm riding it 81 miles to work in the morning. Why? Because I want to and it can, at 80 MPH hauling a sidecar. Just don't stop in front of me.).

Coming down off soap box, that was better than Prozac. And no, I won't be reading the replies.
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