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Air Force Publicizes Sport-bike Instruction

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Check your heading teaser, it should say Air Force Times Publicizes ... Not an official Air Force document. MSN buy out
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The Air Force does everything but promote motorcycle riding. If they could they'd make it so difficult to get your bike on base that you'd give up altogether.
Just steal a sticker off some zeros car. They'll even salute you when you cross the gate.

Worked for me.
Rules are initiated with the navy, rules like the mandatory msf course every three years, I will never go through another basic rider course as long as I live!!! ( once was good enough.) the full riding equipment, and my favorite, (the one i refuse to follow,) the reflective vest. like having a strictly enforced 20 mph speed limit is not enough.

But they will toss the keys of a 15 passenger van to a 17 year old and send them out on an erend in a foriegn country with wrong side of the street driving in a new york minute, sometimes with 15 people @ their mercy. so tell me, what is wrong with this picture? I see people with no training driving 350 duelies pulling half million dollar boats down the freeway, " just back down this boat ramp into the water, but whatever you do don't ride that motorcycle."
Just remember the Corps of Engineers is responsible for the Salton Sea.
The military has a long history of messing with bikers. When I was in Japan in '71 one idiot managed to get himself killed on a DT1 in Yokosuka. As a result no one on my ship was allowed to buy a motorcycle at the Exchange. So we had to go off base and buy from civilians who ripped off some of us. One guy bought a CB350 and got a DT1 shipped to him. Another guy had his CB450 shipped to the Phillippines by mistake. I was lucky enough to actually get the Ksaki 650 twin I ordered.. although it was a used one. The oil was awful dirty and there were patches on the rear tube, even though the speedo had 3 miles on it.

At other times we got veiled threats that sailors who rode bikes might find their lives made difficult, even though the Brass couldn't legally stop us from riding. You might find yourself being put on shyt details more than others... that kind of garbage.

The military doesn't have a tradition of personal freedom, you know. From their viewpoint they've invested a lot of money in training and they don't want their people killed in traffic accidents. If you join then you gotta live with the consequences. So, if you don't like it, don't join.
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& the Alaskan-Canadian Hwy. Look at that mess.

At least it has beautiful scenery, helping you to ignore the haphazardness of its layout.
Errr... PACAF is not to far off. After the lastest greatest squid performance, their new rules are a B1tch and more, and complete worthless for what they're trying to prevent.

I don't think anybody here is really interested in the complete rant though, so I'll spare ya'll.
Huh, here I was expecting chat on track schools. Oh well, I should have realized the military aspect would stand out. Always does in any other discussion when it gets brought up. I have something to say both ways, so...

[To confirm for those that don't know, the Air Force Times is not a Air Force Publication, official or unofficial.]

On the topic of track school: I would love to be able to take a course like this, but they don't come this far north from what I saw on their web-site and are a bit pricey, at least too me right now. Anybody know of other good track school, maybe mot so spendy? Or is this completely reasonable/normal, and my broke @$$ is just being cheap?

Since we're already talking military: Yeah, the military rules for motorcycles do bite, and many aren't even reasonable or make sense. (Silly me, common sense from the military!) A lot of what was said above is true, though I can't say I've run in to much hostility from my chains of commands, past or present. (I'll have to see what comes in the future though.) It can be a pain to be allowed to ride on base, and you have to look like the nerds from safety videos while doing it. Icon has a vest geared towards meeting that requirement that isn’t bad. I plan on getting it when I start riding on base. Again, I could go on and on, but won’t for now.

Just some FYI for other service members, the editor's comments above mentioned letting us ship our bike for free, and that is possible. You're authorized to ship it, not as a vehicle, but as part of your household goods (most places anyways). The fluids have to be drained, but that's easy, I've helped several friends do it. Just watch your weight limit, and shipping is free.
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They're really tough on that now, due to enhanced security. People have gone to jail for sticker theft.

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