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Rules are initiated with the navy, rules like the mandatory msf course every three years, I will never go through another basic rider course as long as I live!!! ( once was good enough.) the full riding equipment, and my favorite, (the one i refuse to follow,) the reflective vest. like having a strictly enforced 20 mph speed limit is not enough.

But they will toss the keys of a 15 passenger van to a 17 year old and send them out on an erend in a foriegn country with wrong side of the street driving in a new york minute, sometimes with 15 people @ their mercy. so tell me, what is wrong with this picture? I see people with no training driving 350 duelies pulling half million dollar boats down the freeway, " just back down this boat ramp into the water, but whatever you do don't ride that motorcycle."
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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