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AirBagForBike Offers Motorcycle Riders More Safety and Security Than Ever Before
Brooklyn, NY
AirBagForBike is a revolutionary motorcycle crash protection system that allows riders to have unparalleled freedom and security when they are riding. It deploys an airbag that surrounds the passenger on all sides in the event of a serious collision.
Many new and experienced motorcycle owners restrict their riding due to a legitimate concern for their personal safety. Motorcycle accidents currently have a serious injury rate that is 16 times higher than car accidents. Many of these accidents are not the fault of the motorcyclist, as about 75% of motorcycle accidents are between the motorcycle and another vehicle.
AirBagForBike allows motorcyclists of all experience levels to travel with greater safety than ever before. The system has a sensor that deploys an airbag when the rider is in serious danger. The airbag is built directly into the motorcycle seat, and the rider can conveniently buckle into it.
When there is a serious crash, the airbag forms a protective cocoon around the rider, so even if there is an impact on the side of the passenger, they will be protected from injury. Current safety systems are still limited because they don't offer side protection and they are not as secure as vehicles. As a result, many are still unwilling to use motorcycles as a main method of transportation.
AirBagForBike will allow experienced motorcycle riders to travel longer distances than ever before and have more freedom to try new riding techniques. Newer riders will have unparalleled safety while they are on road and still learning.
An IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign was recently launched for the safety system, with backers at every level receiving several different perk choices, including a certificate of support at the lowest level and a chance to have the airbag named after the supporter at the highest level.
About AirBagForBike
AirBagForBike is a new motorcycle safety system that was created by Andras Fenyves, a physician, motorcycle rider, business owner and inventor. It was created for the purpose of making motorcycles much safer than they currently are and to address legitimate concerns about motorcycle safety.
More details about the AirBagForBike crowdfunding campaign can be viewed here:
Andras Fenyves, Founder of AirBagForBike
Email: [email protected]
Voice/Text: (718)-687-6161
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