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I'm not sure that innattentive automobile drivers are the largest risk to motorcyclists. I thought that single vehicle accidents were pretty highly represented in the injury and death columns.

Anyhow, regardless of how accidents are precipitated - either by the rider's misjudgement or inaction, or by other road traffic violating a rider's right of way, the causes of death are pretty much the same: gross trauma. It seems to me that an unobtrusive and effective airbag system would be a huge benefit to the motorcycling community.

The only motorcycling death I have ever seen personally was a bike/SUV head-on collision where the biker was at fault (over the centerline on a right-hander). The rider died due to either a broken neck, or severe tearing of his main internal blood vessels (both happened) when he hit the windshield of the SUV. His full face helmet worked great, but it did nothing to absorb the energy of the collision directed to his neck and trunk. I really believe that if he had a Dainesse air vest like the one in this article, he would have survived.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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