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Alien Motorcyclists Among Us!

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Living amongst us!

yes, it's amazing how good some people can be, even when they're way past their prime...

Once, long ago, after recovering from ACL surgery on my left knee, I went dirt riding for the first time in months. Our destination was Red Rock Canyon, where we would meet up with the rest of our riding buddies.

One of the guys there was someone who I'd never met before, a friend of a friend, named Jim Coffey. As it turned out, Jim was an ex-support rider for Yamaha back in the days of Bob Hannah. Jim looked a little overweight, and I didn't think much of his reputation.

We were all mounted on open class bikes, Jim on a '92 CR500, and me on my trusty '87 CR500.

To make a long story (ride) short, Jim and I diced it out all day long, and had pretty much left the rest of the pack behind. Way behind. On the power line road that borders the interstate, Jim and I got into a drag race, and as it turned out, my ported CR500 was a little faster on top end, and I pulled Jim all the way down the straight whoop-free road, until it ended in some sharp corners, bordered by steep hills/cliffs.

I was feeling pretty smug with myself, hell I'd just beaten an ex factory support rider on my first ride in six months. And that's when it happened:

On the first tight left hand corner, Coffey went up the side of a steep cliff, hit the apex of the cliff, and passed me, about 40 feet in the air. He landed in the middle of the road, grabbed a handfull, and was gone.

As my jaw twacked off the tank of my CR, I could just make out his dust, as he disappeared down the snaky dirt road.

About 15 mintes later, I finally caught up with Jim, who had stopped to let me catch up. He gave me a knowing smile, booted his 500 to life, and said "let's go".

That was one of the best rides of my life. I will never forget it. Aliens indeed.
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