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Proper chain maintence was....

Ken, when I built my chopper I used that rear chain oiler to drip oil on the primary chain. I had tin primarys and a three finger clutch, one time me and the missus on my shovel and her sister and her ol' man on his pan were going up to Seattle for a party and the screw that controled the flow on the oil pump vibrated out and dumped a quart or two into the primary case then out the drain hole and all over the back wheel, I thought I had a flat because the backwheel started squirming all over I-5 at 80 or so, my bro pulls up next to me with oil all over him yelling and pointing at the back wheel and somthing about my mother......

It was pretty comical, my ol ladies left leg and butt, the back of my bike and the front of his bike were covered in hot 60 wt. Valvoline, I stayed nice and clean more or less and after peaning the screw so it wouldn't come out again and figuring out how to ride a handbanger with almost no clutch we were on our way to find some oil.. Once we got to the party I had to pull the outer primary and take the clutch apart and soak the plates with gas to get the oil off, it pretty well worked after that but my ol' lady was pissed about having oil all over her....

No sense of humor, that one!
.... drip some oil on it when it gets so loud that you can hear it on the freeway. Toss it when it's stretched so far that the slack changes from one inch to 3 inches when spinning the wheel. Replace sprockets when the teeth look like crescents. Repeat as necessary.
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