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All that glitters is gold...

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None of the links for this story work when I click on them...hmm oh well on the plus side i'm liquored up and I got first post...
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You're liquored up too?

Geez, everyone's tossing 'em back. Read and guzzle.....
Good story, and all of the links worked for me.
Re: You must not be sufficiently liquored up!

Get with the program.
The Clubman Show in San Jose in March and the Hanford Show in May have seen fewer and fewer vendors. By contrast the parts/used bike/restoration shops have turned to online sales and do a great job of getting you what you want by telephone or online ordering.
MV 750 for $ to the Rapide Vincent for $1000...the good old days!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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