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Alpinestars- Drystar gloves

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For those that don't know- I got more than my fair share of rain in Daytona. On the bright side I can tell you this:

I purchased my Drystars about a year and a half ago from MotorcycleUSA's Superstore on sale for under $40- closeouts. Since it was fall I decided to enlist them as my winter glove because the contruction of the glove was such as to lead me to believe they may make decent winter wear. Well, I was right. I've got heated grips on my BMW and not once this season have I had to flip the switch on. Granted, my coldest day of riding in the winter was a balmy 25 degrees, but they were wonderful in those chilly temps. Well, if you read my "Daytona" story you know I got my fair share of rain. These gloves were great! I made the mistake of leaving them on one day of rain and hated life, but when I was caught in monsoon type conditions during my trip those gloves kept my digits warm and dry. I was amazed! There were no leaks, no discomfort, no sweating. Just comfortable fingers. If you had to give them a 5 star vote they would easily score 4 plus on the scale. The value was great, too. They sell the "new" model for double what I bought the closeouts for, but if you like riding and are comfortable in rain then $80 is probably worth it. I don't do much rain riding anymore, but those Drystars would be on my list of gear no matter the cost- as long as the "no matter" is under $100.:) I'm cheap- I admit it.
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