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Alpinestars Dyno Jacket Reader Feedback

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It nice

and the jacket too,

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Gentelmen, start your saliva glands......

Nice jacket------

So Brent, if I make that big donation I talked about before, does my track time at Willow Springs include Danielle holding on to me as tightly as she held onto you?

Screw the Jacket, give us a review of the FZ-1!
Absolutely gorgeous!

The jacket's not bad either.
I think the jacket looks very fashionable and it appears to fit the author and model well. The leather is on the thin side, and I cannot tell from the article the jacket's quality but I am sure it is not too poor. The real problems with a jacket like this is it is a mass produced garmet that may not fit many people and it does not complete a rider's apparel. So ultimately, it depends on how well the jacket fits a person and how it works with what else they wear.

Many people are smaller, shorter, taller, bigger or just a different shape than the sizes manufacturers mass produce garmets in. With leather, it is very important to have a perfect fit, because the material is much bulkier and less flexible than fabric. An ill-fitting leather garmet is terrible, and the fact is, more people will not fit mass produced apparel than will. That is why custom-made leather garmets are very often the only way to get proper fit.

A jacket does not even begin to complete a motorcyclists' apparel. I am glad there were no photos of the author actually riding as she is pictured because the way she is dressed is wholly inadaquate. Reading the article, I was not surprised to find a reference to the failure of the jeans she wore during the MSF course since wearing jeans is the kind of thing novices invariably try. I did it once.

Besides the jeans, the shoes she is wearing do not offer any protection of the ankles, and she is obviously not wearing a helmet or gloves for the purposes of the photo.

To properly evaluate this jacket as riding apparel and not just a fashion item, it has to be worn in conjunction with motorcycling pants. For example, does it fit well over motorcycling pants? Does it zip to pants in the back, or all the way around, or not at all?

Once you pair this jacket with motorcycling pants, how does it feel on the bike? Again, fit becomes very important because if the jacket is too long, or the pants are too long, once the rider joins them together, they push the jacket up and it does not sit on the rider's shoulders properly.

With a motorcycle like the sportbike pictured in the article, and certainly sportbikes with more aggressive riding positions, the bulky joint between the jacket and pants will not be as comfortable as a one piece suit that does not have any extra material in the area where the rider is bent over.

Overall, I think this jacket is a stylish piece to wear in the paddock or on the days you're driving -- to let people know your other car is a bike. For motorcycling, I don't think it will work out too well.

Although one piece leathers are much better for motorcycling, the same caveats about fit and quality apply.

Unfortunately, we see more and more top racers wearing brands of production suits that pay them big money to wear a product that nobody can buy. They expect customers to settle for second rate, mass produced, look-a-likes instead.

I think enthusiasts should demand top notch stuff. If they can't get the same quality champions get from the brands they wear, they should wear a brand that's willing to make them a better product. There is no doubt that the best quality stuff will only have a niche market with the most avid enthusiasts. Most people casually interested in sportbikes as an accessory to their self-image are quite content to settle for a cheap look-a-like suit.

I'm not going to stop anyone from wearing jeans, much less cheap suits, because I can't and don't want to force my way of doing things on others. But I do have my opinions, and I think if serious motorcyclist can't afford to buy themselves the leathers that are best for them, maybe they should think about this expense before they decide they have to have a $10,000 motorcycle.
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Re: FZ-1!!!!

Damn right!!!! Naked bike shootout. Instead of Speed Triple vs. Monster vs. X1 like always, we've got the Bandit and FZ-1 (along with the ZR-7 and SV650 if ya wanna get technical).Oh, and the ZRX1200!!! That's 5-7 bikes, and I bet I'm forgetting a few. Bring it on!!!!
I enjoyed this review of the Dyno jacket, but I had one qualm with it. The statement that this is a woman's jacket isn't really founded. I'm a guy and found the Dyno jacket to be very much to my liking and masculine sense of style (which is why I bought one). The actual facts in the article were accurate though. Once broken in this jacket is excellent in its fit and finished. But it makes just as nice a man's jacket as a woman's.
Chapter 2 (or Much Ado About Nothing)

How can you tell the thickness of the leather of a jacket just by looking at a small picture on the internet? You must have eyes like an eagle.

I have to disagree. I am an expert wearer of jeans, and they work fine for me all the time. Sorry sargeant, not all of us are prepared to deal with every concieveable eventuality that may occur at any time. Maybe she was just a novice at predicting the weather.

By the way, that motorcycle she's sitting on has design flaws. How could you, in good conscience, overlook these critical details?!?!?
Um, just in case you didnt know...Alpinestars makes two versions of the Dyno, one for men, and the other for...women!

Oh, yeah, she DOES mention the measured thickness of the leather. Sorry, not paying attention......
I'll sidestep commenting on Danielle's looks(not that she's not attractive) as well as writing a novella on my opinions on what people should and shouldn't wear.

The review was fine. I might recomend something like this to my wife, or sister... or someone else who doesn't ride. I guess I'm kind of at a loss as to how this review was so great when the author never even rode a bike with it on. I don't think I'm nitpicking here when I say I think in order to properly evaluate riding gear you need to be the one doing the riding not just hanging on the back of someone's scoot. How do the sleeves react to things like moving a hand to open a faceshield or vents on a helmet? Do the shoulders move well when you're tipping into a corner? Does the back ride up if you go into a tuck?

I hate to complain here because you guys are one of the few places that actually do somewhat regular reviews of gear, but come on... how many people there have a liscense, ride in the real world everyday(no I don't consider MSF the real world- it's usually in a parking lot or at a track), that could have done this test and given us a bit more relevant information? Danielle did a great job reviewing the jacket based on the experiences she had, but this is getting kind of ridiculous. I'm glad other people are willing to pay for the content here, but I still am of the mind that this site has slowly but surely taken a downturn after funds were asked for and I'm not about to put my $$ into something when I keep getting the impression that in 3 mos. I'd want my money back. One final gripe and I'll be done, did you really have to wait on the TT600 to know it would come in last in a couple weeks?
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You're teasing us, aren't you

Danielle could have been on any bike, but you had to put her on that black FZ-1. Now it's going to be like the ugly 600 supersport insurrection of 2001.
You like to flap your gums alot, don't ya !
MO staff- how about a review of the Alpinestar Haga jacket?
Re: Chapter 2 (or Much Ado About Nothing)

I'm an MSF Instructor (Rider/Coach) and I don't understand the reference about jeans. I personally encourage students to wear jeans instead of sweatpants, shorts, swimwear. Jeans are a tightly woven garment that could fail if subjected to a fall, but we try to encourage riders to keep the rubber side down. For the 99.99999999999% of the time when we hope you aren't surfing the pavement, jeans are a good choice of preventing muffler burns, sunburn, and small particle debris.

Wow is that danielle in the pictures? Well I dont like the looks of the jacket, but ummmm she really makes it look good. Can we get some more product reviews on the parts side of life? I'm really interested in new rotors for my R-1, but I dont want to spend a sh*t load of cash. Anyone tell me if EBC Pro lite race rotors are better or as good as stock? I know brembo's and PFM's are really nice, but like I said I don't want to spend all that cash. Appreciate the help my fellow readers and riders please let me know.

......R.R. Phoenix, AZ.
You deserve the "Perfect reply of the month award". What you said is absolutely true and on the mark. Your common sense could do some good on this site... aply for a job!

P.S. Us normal people all knew the TT600 would suck but MO needed material so they wrote a good but predictable review of the B.P.O.S. (british piece of @#it).
I must admit I fell asleep before finishing this book. Hey maybe next time you can shorten your review to just one paragraph so we might not all laugh at you.
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