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Thanks one and all for your kind comments. To respond to your questions.

I own a bunch of textile and leather outerwear from nearly everyone and have had the opportunity to sample a bit of nearly everything else. This suit is the best I've tried for very cold, nasty, inclement conditions. Because it's not well ventilated it would make a poor choice for warmer climes but it rocks for use 43 degrees or more north.

The sportbike photo was taken about 40 miles north of Flagstaff AZ on a spring day which was beautiful and sunny 2000' lower. This is typical of the type of riding one encounters in the intermountain west and is why I pay close attention to every detail of my apparel. We rode over 300 km on very slick roads that day over various passes and high plateaus on our way back home. Dirt bike reflexes and good clothing choices saved our collective bacon.


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