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AMA 2003 MX Final Resuts

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It's good that RC was pushed a little by Wi ndham.With Reed challenging indoors and Stewart's entry into 250 looming,the competitiveness of the 250 class is assured.Now we just need a new wunderkind to enter the 125 class.SX and next years MX should be interesting.
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Orange vistory. Congratulations Grant and KTM.

KTM is going to be the new Aprilia, shocking the world with victories and great bikes. Why oh why can't the US have a motorcycle company like those?
KTM is a considerably older company than Aprilia.
True, but they are new to streetbikes and they are newish in that they were reconstituted in an employee buyot/reorg about ten years ago.

Mostly, though, I meant "new to the American psyche."
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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