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Just think if everyone that reads this post would get off their butts and take 5 minutes to send a note to help this bill. AMA has an easy way of doing it. Just go to the Rapid Response Area of the home page. Even if HALF of you did something, we wouldn't have a problem with this stuff. MO gets thousands of hits every day, but maybe .1% of you will DO anything. All of you thought if you wore a helmet they will leave you alone, right? Now you can see that miguided thinking didn't work, how about taking a whole 5 minutes to help yourself and everyone involved in motorcycling. I was one of those thousands of letters to that idiot in New Mexico, and made him back down. My voice will be heard on this. Where is your voice? Will it only be heard to cry after the fact?
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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