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I've never heard about this before, and it blows me away!

I just sent all 3 of my U.S. congressman the AMA's email along with some of my own thoughts. Longride's post (above) is right-on. We all need to band together and fight this nonsense legislation, or risk losing our right to ride.

I was one of those who emailed Senator Hurt (three times) and actually got good responses from him. I was really surprised he even responded, much less took the time to correspond with me. This has really opened my eyes. So few people ever DO anything that one voice has incredible weight (think old folks voting).

I will now support the AMA as I have the AOPA (aircraft owners and pilots association), if only because they lobby on issues effecting me that I care a great deal about. If I can justify $39 to support the future of general aviation (my livelihood), then I can justify $39 to ensure the future of motorcycling (my passion).

Exercise your right to speak or lose your right to ride! Think about it.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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