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AMA Efforts Overturn Chicago Bike Ban

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A city I live by banned motorcycles in their parades after a couple of incidents where the riders couldn't control their bikes at slow speeds and ended up running into the crowd.

Does anyone know why Chicago banned them?
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"The man hates guns and motorcycles with a passion"? This guy sounds like the life of a party. What's next, Booze and Chicks? Fun?
Say Steven, when are you gonna stick your head above ground and get out of novice so that we can race head-to-head on our FZR's?? Come on man, I'm old and slow, what are you worried about?

I don't mind racing against you, it's your 25 accomplices off the track...
They are just there to take pictures and hold umbrellas.
How come those umbrellas look like sawed-off cue sticks?
I'm a funny guy, but you just never knew it.
Hey dos Democrats are da best, aint' dey? Nuttin' but honesty from dem guys over dere. I think it just supports my assertion that they are all liars and some are also thieves. Our Gov is getting hammered with all kinds of charges from a Chicago alderman. The funniest part, is the alderman is his effin father in law! Man the hits just keep on comin!
Daley won't ban anything that will make him money, so Booze, Broads, and Good Times are allowed. They are just taxed heavily!
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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