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man I hate this.....

But I have to agree with kpaul. With the current AMA rules it will be virtually imposible to make a twin competitive. Even with unlimited mods to a street bike design, there is only so much air that it can move. Even keeping the I4's to minimal mods (lets do a tear down on Yates and Mladins' bike to see), todays I4 is hitting up to 170hp. The AMA needs to do something to keep the Superbike series mixed, and not turn into a Suzuki cup race. I'm not sure that weight classes, ala GP!, are the answer (how much unobtainiun is out there). But it might keep some mix in the bike design.

Race 1 was a blast, and Speed actually blocked out the time to watch all the racing at once. (Someone will loose a job for that screwup;)
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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