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AMA/Prostar announce new Hot Rod Cruiser class

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Belt and Suspenders

I'm just wondering, how does a belt final drive lend itself to "easy modifications?" Does yamaha have a complete range of different sizes of belts and pulleys? I doubt it. Plus, isn't changing a drive belt a huge pain in the ass? You have to pull the swingarm, right?
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I'll drop an RC51 engine into my Shadow VLX!!! It's still a V-twin engine!

In all serious, wouldn't an eight-valve 90-deg V-twin technically meet the specifications, as long as a manufacturer put it in a long, low chassis? Is the engine required to be 45-degree, pushrod-driven, or 2-valve/cylinder?

Now when Honda drops the VTR engine into a shadow and puts modern shocks and brakes on it, you'll have a buyer right here. A hot-rodded harley wouldn't stand a chance.
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