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Is the average sport bike rider a more proficient bike handler, or do they just think they are? I regularly take my "huge lard assed cruiser" up to smokies and throw it around the twisties.....pretty aggresively too.

I wish I had 10 bucks for every time I came around a corner and found some poseur/ boy racer/ Karl Foggerty wannabe with a brand new Japanese/ Italian death sled stuffed into the embankment, hey but at least they're wearing a few thousand dollars worth of race leathers and a fancy helmet with a Union Jack on it . To make it more amusing these bozos have usually passed me at mach2 about 3 corners back.

The whole notion that if you ride a sports bike you are some how a superior rider irritates the snot outta me, it just means that you wipe out more spectacurlally, and don't walk away.

Hey if the AMA wants to make racing more appealling to the majority of bike owners more power to 'em I say. I for one look forward to it, if only to see Roadstars being creamed by any Vtwin with a rev limit over 4200!! Anything to take some of the wind out of the ever so sanctimonious and smug Roadstar riders.

Don't flame me, rather say we'll see you on the track, now that the AMA has that racing class!!
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