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AMA/Prostar announce new Hot Rod Cruiser class

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Belt and Suspenders

I'm just wondering, how does a belt final drive lend itself to "easy modifications?" Does yamaha have a complete range of different sizes of belts and pulleys? I doubt it. Plus, isn't changing a drive belt a huge pain in the ass? You have to pull the swingarm, right?
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Thanks for posting before you read the article. It says "drag racing". If you grind your footpegs while drag racing, you aren't doing it right. Slow down before you take the turnoff to the return road. I hope that I'm never next to you at the dragstrip !!
"Dragracing is a lot like roadracing...."

Really? What's similar?

In drag racing, the entire race is over in a matter of seconds, with no time whatsoever to make up for any errors. Lean angle is not a big concern. These bikes will be lowered as much as possible to reduce wind resistance.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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