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AMA/Prostar announce new Hot Rod Cruiser class

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Belt and Suspenders

I'm just wondering, how does a belt final drive lend itself to "easy modifications?" Does yamaha have a complete range of different sizes of belts and pulleys? I doubt it. Plus, isn't changing a drive belt a huge pain in the ass? You have to pull the swingarm, right?
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That would be a cool way to see how much control a racer can have over a machine.

Watching indy cars go fast gets old, that is what makes NASCAR so popular they have requirements to make them appear as streetable cars. Granted they are far from it.

I personally enjoy watching the truck series, drivers are running slower less capable machines, but in spite of that they are still driving very fast. With the lack of aerodynamics it makes for very interesting races. The guy up front can't run away, but the guys in the draft have the advantage of being able to drive faster. It is common for a half mile track to end up with four trucks wide.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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