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AMA Racing Reminder

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Thank God for Speed Channel! Now I can lay off the Prozac.
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Why are they not showing live coverage of the supercross? I thoroughly enjoyed it last year. It doesn't appear that there's any other racing going on at the same time, judging by the light schedule for Saturday.

Is it an attempt to get a wider audiance in prime-time? Hmmm.. well, I can see that logic I suppose... I just hate waiting is all. :)

Thank god for Speed Channel? Hardly. It's just that they're the only ones that broadcast AMA racing... Let's recap what's bad about Speed Channel (still call 'em SpeedVision myself):

The interupted LIVE AMA 600 racing to broadcast a NECKCAR post-race wrap-up show. And the jackass announcer that told you what was happening was smirking the whole time.

They lied about broadcasting the full 24 hours of Le Mans last year. Early ads touted "full 24 hour flag-to-flag coverage" of the entire race. Then come June they dropped overnight coverage to show infomercials of all things. Certainly learning how to lose weight overnight is more important than living up to your promised flag-to-flag coverage!

SpeedVision has really gone down his since Fox took over. It's slowly but surely become the NECKCAR Channel. Probably 80% of airtime is devoted to that brainless drivel. SpeedVision used to be a haven for us non-NECKCAR and non-IRL fans. We could watch our enduracing racing, motorcycle racing, and all other kinds of non-oval racing. Now it's almost exclusively NECKCAR.

Which begs a point - why don't they just make a damned NECKCAR Channel and give all of us our beloved SpeedVision back? I'd bet the hillbillies would prefer to not have to share the station with non-NECKCAR crap...

Gah. Thank god for Speed Channel my ass.

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Pass the Grey Poupon there bro

I'm not a huge NASCAR fan but I can enjoy it for what it is. You'd better be thankful for it though because Speed's deal with Winston Cup most likely pays for its coverage of other events.

The ratings for most racing events are miniscule. You may be passionate about certain forms of racing but that doesn't mean the network is making a profit from it.

TV Stations don't exist to make us happy, they exist to sell ad time.
Re: Pass the Grey Poupon there bro

Why am I not surprised to see a Harley fan (based on your username and fake email addy) supporting NECKCAR?

SpeedVision was doing fine financially before it was bought by Fox and turned into NECKCAR-TV. Look up the facts.

And yes, while I realize that TV stations don't exist to please me, they exist to make a profit - that doesn't mean that you can't please your audience AND make a profit. Honestly, how many of the faithful SpeedVision viewers were happy to see it turn ito NECKCAR-TV?

Why not make everyone happy... Just have Fox make a NECKCAR-TV channel and let SpeedVision go back to covering real racing?

Love it

Make sure to get your friends to watch
Re: Pass the Grey Poupon there bro

That's an easy one Matthew. Because their total viewer base would be approximately the same, but their fixed expenses would be nearly double, if they chose to make two channels. It doesn't make business sense.

I loved Speedvision and am less satisfied with SPEED CHANNEL. However, if it went out of business I'd be seriously bummed about the loss of Motorcycle, Sportscar, WRC, F-1, BPTCCWSPBF (The artist formerly known as "CART"), and documentary coverage. In my opinion, NASCAR is lowest common denominator racing. However, I am in the minority and will be happy to take the coverage I can get, and tune out the NASCAR stuff, while they pay the bills.
I'm just guessing, but I'd say there is probably a conflict with ESPN2.
Re: Pass the Grey Poupon there bro

Hey Buz, what's wrong with you? Starting fights with guys by mentioning the fact that NASCAR is only 150 times more popular than motorcycle racing. How dare SpeedChannel dare to show such an atrocity, while making millions in advertising, and drawing millions of viewers. Figured a Harley loving moron like you would say this stuff. Maybe the vibration and picking up all those parts got your mind twisted.
Re: Pass the Grey Poupon there bro

Well thanks for the insult. Sorry to sting you with reality there. Gee, if you had bothered to read my first sentence I said I wasn't a huge fan of NASCAR, I just understand economics a little better than you perhaps.

For the record I own a sportbike too. (Ducati) I've never been to a NASCAR race but have attended serveral AMA superbike, CART and IMSA (back when there was an IMSA) events.

And you can stuff your perjorative ******* crap up your arse too. I live in San Diego.

Thank you Sean for doing a much better job of explaining this than I ever could.
Re: Pass the Grey Poupon there bro

Well it figures my comments would rile someone who drives a girl's car (Z3) anyway.
Re: Pass the Grey Poupon there bro

Didja hear Greg White begging on last week's "Two-Wheel Tuesday"? He said that MC fans are probably the most vocal fans out there, but there just aren't that many of us. Their highest-rated MC show gets lower ratings than their lowest-rated NASCAR show. Even though I think his new "Greg's Garage" segments are lame, I still watch 'em, just to do my part to keep any kind of MC coverage on the air (er, cable).
Re: Pass the Grey Poupon there bro

Yes we love our motorcycles. Unfortunately, unless you have a ratings diary on your kitchen counter or a Nielson decoder attached to your TV, your viewing habits aren't being monitored by anyone.

So no need to suffer through Greg's garage if you don't want to. Keep the easy leaker in the box and feel free to get up and use the restroom proper-like.
Re: Love it

You sure you don't drive a Z3 coupe?
Personally I'm an ex-nascar fan, grew up following it, untill I found out there where more interesting, and better forms of racing out there. The thing I would love to see is the France family take over control and promotion of AMA roadracing, These boys know how to build fan base, TV exposure, revinue, Everthing to make a racing series larger. They also have a good safety record. I doubt this could ever happen but I would like to see someone come in to make AMA roadracing bigeer and better. I still rememer when Nascar only race shown on TV was the Daytona 500. Look where they have taken the roundy round racing.
I think one of the most difficult things from a sponsor standpoint is that motorcycles are so small no one can read your logo unless it's sitting still.

Those big ol' Winston Cup cars make awful nice flying billboards.
Re: Pass the Grey Poupon there bro

Even if there were a seperate racing channel for non-NASCAR racing, the local cable companies in many rural areas would not carry it.

For example, I am fairly certain that I own the only sportbike in the entire county, and one of perhaps 3 sportscars (there is my Miata, a BWM Z3 and a Porsche 924). I did once see a Corvette pass through town, but it didn't stop. There are lots of Harleys and dirt bikes and a few old beater UJMs from early 80s.

A racing channel that did not mainly feature NASCAR would attract a local viewership of exactly 2 -- my daughter and me. Good luck getting the cable company to offer it!

BTW, a couple of years back, I interviewed for a CFO position with Richard Petty Enterprises, and I can tell you that these guys are hard-core motorheads who enjoy all forms of racing. That stuff is a lot more sophisticated than it looks. Just because these guys have southern accents don't mean that they have 2-digit IQs.

Re: Pass the Grey Poupon there bro

I guess you have access to old SpeedVision financial statements? What was their ROI?
Re: Pass the Grey Poupon there bro

Hey Buz

If his Z3 is a "girl's car" what the ***** would you call my Miata? ;-)

Not that I care, one way or the other. As you said the other day, the next time I worry about what someone else thinks will be the first time.

The Z3 coupe is sorta funny looking to my eyes but one of my old riding buddies had the M-coupe version and it rocked! Can't believe what they did with the new one (Z4?) -- FUGLY!


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Re: Pass the Grey Poupon there bro

Not to mention that some of those millions who tune in to watch NASCAR just might see a commercial for the Daytona motorcycle coverage and decide to tune in, or maybe they tune in to catch the latest NASCAR results and catch a motocross event instead, and figure it is worth watching! How will motorcycle racing ever become popular if only those who already are fans even know it exists?
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