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AMA Road Championship Tied Coming Into Road America

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Think Ferracci can get his guys to the top five?
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OK longride we expect a report from the track..

Like to Eric win. One of the reasons, a very shallow one, that I bought by 01 Ninja was that he won the supersport title on it. He used to give folks like Mladin fits on that old ZX-7R... in superbike.. He is overdue..
Going to try for Mid-Ohio...

My girlfriend and I were going to go to the race, but I screwed up the timing and now I'm in Santa Monica. Oh well...anyone know somewhere nice to stay around Lexington, Ohio?

--The Fox
Re: Going to try for Mid-Ohio...

Watch it on SPEED channel and consider yourself spared form poor AMA event planning.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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