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I still say the AMA sucks!

It was a beautiful day for the races on sunday, and the best race of the day, by far, was Chuck Sorensen (Stargel Aprilia) in the MBNA250 GP. The 250 guys give the best show of all. Close racing, and for love not $$! FX and SB were dull, dull, dull, in comparison

Its a real shame that the AMA didnt see fit to include rider names/teams/numbers for anyone but the SB and SS races in the program. They argue that fans are less interested in the other classes, well its not surprising if they dont try and encourage fan recognition!

Its no surprise that America's latest greatest young-gun, John Hopkins, has already left these shores - leapfrogging the whole US superbike scene. If America wants more world level competitors, the AMA needs to rethink its plan of letting the 250s go...


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