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AMA Superbike from Laguna

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What do you mean your not saying?
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I just finished watching the tape. Wow! What a race! Talk about hard fought! Any word on Yates?

And how 'bout those Harleys all finishing on the lead lap, the last of the "factory" bikes? Hey, at least they beat all the privateers!
Yeah really, you're not saying, but put a big picture of Eric Bostrom up. Really funny guys, I guess you still don't get it. At least your hired gun for WSC reporting (Greg Lesanto) understands that real racing fans don't want to know the result before they have a chance to see the race. I noticed you did the same thing for WSC race 1 posting a picture of Ben Bostrom leading. Oh, and there was a second race that day, but of course you didn't report it yet (who knows why).

Well no matter this time for me, as I watched the WSC race #1 the bonehead announcer (just assuming everybody has Speedvision and already saw the AMA Superbike race from Saturday) says "Well Ben won the first Superbike race, just like his brother won the race yesterday." I had already seen the 600SS race (both of these taped Sunday on Fox Sports), but knew that race was Friday, so I knew then that he meant Eric won the AMA Superbike race.
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