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AMA Supermoto Championship!

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P.S. did I mention that i'm excited about this?

pps... as Goggles Paisano noted: I'm Rentally Motarded.
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Nice to see Russell coming back after that nasty Daytona hit he took. Looks like a fun series to watch. I'm sure I can make a few races, as I am a dirt track fan. I'm excited, but not as much as Sean. I figure I will be able to sleep laying on my stomach tonite. Not sure about him though.

Okay, I think I've put together the puzzle here. I read earlier today on that Mitch Hanson would "definately" be working with Scott Russell in a "profesionally sanctioned" race series that probably wasn't going to be superbike...

What most people probably don't know is that CorseSuperbikes, previous location of the HMC ducati team that campaigned quite unsuccessfully in AMA, recently became a KTM dealer...

So, I am predicting with a pretty fair amount of confidence that we're going to be seeing Scott Russell riding KTM's in this series... How sweet is that. Whether they get factory KTM support however remains to be seen.

I'll second that excitment.

How about that! A shout-out from SuperTitty!

Now if only I could find a place nearby that was hosting Supermoto, parking-lot motard, or similar fun stuff...

In the meantime I'll keep staring at my bike in the garage, cursing the salt-trucks, the snow, and the leaky mikunis I still need to rebuild.

Don't get your hopes up too high. As with other motorcycle competitions, the AMA is set to ruin something good.

Rumors indicate that there will be a 505cc limit on machines eligible for AMA Supermoto. This blows. If it's true, it's a concession to Japanese manufacturers who, to date, have invested precisely NOTHING in the growing sport of supermoto. So the very best amateurs out there today, Carl Blake of Washington, Don Canet of California... their large bore European supermoto bikes won't be allowed. Complete crap. (If the rumors prove true)

It kills me that small bike companies like Husqvarna, Husaberg, VOR, KTM and others who have attempted to build a supermotard following in the USA are going to be shut out of the AMA series in favor of who? Honda? Last year a Honda rep actually snickered at me when I asked if Honda might offer a supermotard model or accessories in the US. Do they deserve to benefit from the growing popularity of supermotard in the states? Hell no. But AMA pro racing doesn't give a crap about racers or fans. They care about the manufacturers with the deep pockets.

Also, the AMA hasn't made any contact with any of the grassroots supermoto race series, so lord only knows what the rules will be. Hardworking enthusiasts have invested their time and their own money to make supermoto a reality in the US without any help from the AMA. Now AMA pro racing, having heard the buzz, is set to blow the grassroots orgs out of the water, siphoning off all the sponsorships in order to promote what will likely be a set of invitation only parking lot races.

This announcement doesn't sound like good news for anyone but the big 4 and the AMA.
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Hey, it looks like Dean Adams at must have read your post -- his article today is almost plagirized.


Gawdam, I hope you are just being paranoid! Unfortunately, that sounds in charactor for AMAProracing.



I just saw that too, bastard...

I'm emailing him right now.

damnit! So maybe I can't email him... If anyone knows his address, hook a brother up.

The least he could have done was given me some props, assuming of course he really did read my post. Hell, I even mentioned that I used information from his website, who's name shall no longer be spoken here, to draw my conclusion. Where's the reciprocation? It's like that line in Full Metal Jacket... where's my reach-around?
I read that the engine formula would conform to the MX 250/450 format. In any case my XR650R and KTM would be illegal. I dropped my AMA membership a long time ago because of some idiotic stances they took on key issues. Doens't seem like their racing arm is any more insightful.
They should have an Open Class (no displacement limit) and a Lightweight Class (250cc max) Anything else is either illogical, or influenced by outside $$
I got word directly from AMA Pro Racing, only one class, 450cc limit. It was the only way to get the contingency money and factory sponsorship needed to make a national series pay for itself, attract top riders.

It ain't about the sport... it's about the money.

AMA pro racing claims that FIM S1 is considering the same limit to bring in more participation from manufacturers other than KTM and Husqvarna.

Makes me feel kinda silly for buying a Husky 570.
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It seems to me that it "should" be the other way around. If they (big 4) want to race, make your bike competative or come up with a new bike! Honda has the XR650R (needs work but the foundation is there), Suzuki (c'mon its time to replace the DR650 anyway), Kawasaki (should work with Suzuki on a DR/KLR replacement), and Yamaha (YZF500F anyone) could easily step up to compete. In the mean time they can just hire the best riders and put the on the current 450cc machinery. This seems to have worked for them so far in the Premier class in SuperTT. Everytime a factory guy, with a factory bike showed up it turned Premier into 2 classes anyways just tlike Superbike is... Factory teams, then everyone else. I think brands like Honda, Suzuki, Kawi, and Yamaha need to get their heads handed to them once in a while, just to remind them that they aren't the only game in town. With AMA's decision, they are efficively making them the only game in town.

Oh well there's always CCS Supersingles class...
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